Bandhani is a sole proprietorship firm dealing in traditional Indian wear. We have been in this line of business for the last 10 years. The business has grown manyfold over the yrs from a small 1 staff establishment run from a room, to a boutique reputed across India & directly or indirectly supporting 25 households.

Our signature piece uses the traditionally colorful & fine "Tie & Die" technique of Rajasthan & Gujarat called Bandhani. Bandhani is an art that truly represents the myriad colors of the Rajasthani & Gujarati cultures.It has been consistently in demand both in wedding functions as a mark of tradition, and on high fashion ramps and platforms showcasing Indian fashion abroad. We source exclusive pieces of Bandhani directly from the villages of Gujarat & Rajasthan & fashion them into almost any piece of clothing - be it sarees, or lehenga-choli sets, salwar kurtis, dupattas, scarves, shirts or even sarongs!

Apart from Bandhani, we have an exclusive in-house designer label by the name of Adaa - where every season we come up with a latest range of sarees & kurtis. These are crafted in the best of materials and customized to the exact taste of our clientele - stylized with the finest of karigari using exclusive stones, pearls, zardozi, threads,laces, borders, brocade and what not! So whether it is the festive season/wedding season that you are looking to dazzle in or the party season - we keep coming up with fresh and trendy collections to suit the theme & time.